Telehealth – Consultation Instructions

Consult a specialist without the commute!

At Bonzai Regen Pain Relief Center , we offer the latest in Telemedicine capabilities.

Top 5 Reasons why a Telemedicine Consultation
May Be Right for You

A telemedicine consultation is a great way to establish a relationship with a physician while still “social distancing.”

  1. Convenient access to a top rated and highly trained pain and spine specialist.
  2. Get a meaningful clinical evaluation of your MRI studies and treatment to date.
  3. Obtain a second opinion and discuss cutting edge treatment options.
  4. Confirm that this is the right physician for you without leaving your home.  Once you know that Bonzai Regen Pain Relief Center is the right place for you, you can schedule an in-person examination and procedure after your Telehealth visit. 
  5. If a referral to a different specialty is appropriate, you will have access to Bonzai Regens hand-selected network of the best physicians in the Phoenix , Arizona area.Concerned about coronavirus?  

How to Schedule a Pain Management Telemedicine Visit:

  1. Fill out our New Patient Application (link).  
  2. You will receive a call or email from our Patient Care Coordinator and you can request a Telemedicine Consultation.
  3. We will work with you and your other doctors to obtain your medical records and any imaging studies, such as MRI’s.
  4. Our Bonzai Regen doctors can review your MRI with you during your Telemedicine Visit and go over the details that show what is causing your pain.

Contact us 480-745-7871 or fill out form below to schedule Telemedicine