Personal Injury doctor

If you have been injured and need to see a doctor, it is important to go to the right injury doctor and even more important to avoid the wrong doctors. Do not rely solely on your primary care physician. The primary care doctor won’t help Most people think

Get a Doctor on your side in Workers compensation case

Workers Comp Case Qualified Medical examiner A qualified medical examiner is a neutral doctor who will meet you, evaluate you, review all of your records and ultimately make a determination if the patient has sustained industrial injuries for a Workers’ compensation case. The physician will determine any permanent injuries that may have been caused from …

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Inflammation doesn’t body good

Chronic Inflammation The word Inflammation derives from the latin “inflammare” which means to set on fire. Joint pain after a workout or redness and swelling after a sprain are considered types of Inflammation, more specifically called acute inflammation. Acute Inflammation Acute inflammation is specific to inflammation to one area of the body during an injury. …

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Pain Management Program

Interventional Pain Center A better quality of life starts with us. This level of pain can affect any person’s life with more than just the physical body. It can affect the mental, health, emotional health, family relationships and ability to work. Some personal progress of life functions include getting back to work, spend more time …

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