Out of network insurance

Health Insurance coverage PPO network Bonzai Regen accepts plans from out of network insurance for reimbursement of medical services. Not all plans have out of network coverage. Plans that do not cover out of network are HMO and EP and will not be reimbursed. Plans that will likely have some kind of out of network

What you need to know about Occipital Nerve Blocks

Occipital Nerve Explained What is an Occipital nerve block? An Occipital nerve block is an injection of numbing medicine next to the Occipital nerves. They are located in either side of the scalp originating at the Neck. There is both a Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerve. Either one can produce pain. Neither has a motor …

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How to know you have Rheumatoid Arthritis

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments of RA What is RA? RA is an Inflammation disorder Arthr means joints and itis is inflammation. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that mostly effects the joints but can also involve other organ systems like the skin or lungs as well. A healthy joint typically has two bones covered …

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How to treat Shoulder joint pain

Treatment for Shoulder pain Common sports injury (shoulder) Sports related shoulder injuries covers areas from simple overuse injuries such as tendonitis all the way up to dislocations, rotated cuff tears and even degenerative arthritis. People active in overhead sports such as Tennis, baseball, and swimming have higher incidences of shoulder injury and pain. Activity modification …

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Payment flexibility to get you treated

Cash payment option No Insurance no problem If out of network insurance is non-existent, have the option to pay for BONZAI treatments with cash and/or payment option. Cash also includes credit card method, may be the easiest method for payment; but with Apple pay, Cash App, Zelle, Venmo and other payment transfer apps, monetary transactions …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions pre-procedure What to know before the next PRP Regenerative medicine session? Let’s get ahead of the curve and prepare with some answers to frequently asked questions: What are the risks associated with this treatment? PRP and mesenchymal stem cells use your body’s own natural properties to treat your injury. Side effects utilizing these …

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What to know about Platelet-rich plasma

PRP therapy PRP growth factors Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of platelets and growth factors that come from a small amount of a person’s own blood. These cells are vital for tissue regeneration and repair. Platelets were thought of being only responsible for clotting in. It is now proven to be a reservoir of …

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