Osteoarthritis pain treatment

It is important that pain management physicians use an ortho-biologic treatment that provides the most potent volume of regenerative cell concentrates as an Osteoarthritis pain treatment. To get the best results, the PRP system must significantly concentrate the platelet growth factors in the treatment sample.

How to know you have Rheumatoid Arthritis

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments of RA What is RA? RA is an Inflammation disorder Arthr means joints and itis is inflammation. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that mostly effects the joints but can also involve other organ systems like the skin or lungs as well. A healthy joint typically has two bones covered …

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How to treat Shoulder joint pain

Treatment for Shoulder pain Common sports injury (shoulder) Sports related shoulder injuries covers areas from simple overuse injuries such as tendonitis all the way up to dislocations, rotated cuff tears and even degenerative arthritis. People active in overhead sports such as Tennis, baseball, and swimming have higher incidences of shoulder injury and pain. Activity modification …

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What to expect with Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation procedure Knee pain procedure Most common type knee pain comes from Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. This is losing joint space and cartilage that causes pain and swelling in the knee. Treatments include steroid injections and exercise or even knee replacements to help with knee pain. In the last couple years, a new …

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Calm swelling of joints with Peripheral Joint Injections

Injections to stop pain Joint injections A peripheral joint injection is a type of treatment for all patients with swollen or painful joints. It is a process that helps physicians determine the cause of swelling in a diagnostic stand point. It can also be used as a therapeutic as well. Injection treatments are used to …

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Top alternative treatments in the new decade

Treatment alternatives Modern medicine Modern medicine has provided alternatives to traditional treatments of medicine. Surgery, prescribed medications and physical therapy can be avoided with the help of regenerative medicine. Avoid back surgery Non-surgical treatments such as Regenerative medicine has provided solutions outside of traditional procedures such as surgery especially back surgery. Treatments such as injectable …

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Conditions we treat at Bonzai Regen Pain Relief Center in Phoenix AZ.

Best Way to Recover from Runners Knee

Runners Knee What is Runner’s Knee? One of the most common conditions of knee pain is called Runner’s knee. An imbalance can be caused within the structure of the knee. Unpleasant feelings occur through added pressure when bending of the knee after a period of time. It can be painful to walk the stairs, do …

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Hip pain from wear and tear

Hip pain treatment Wear and tear Arthritis can lead to not only physical pain but also to deformities. The hip is a ball and socket joint. Certain diseases which can cause people to develop “wear and tear” of the cartilage on the surface of that ball and socket. Diseases such as Osteoarthritis, Avascular necrosis can …

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How to know if you have Osteoarthritis

Signs of Osteoarthritis Painful Joints Painful, Stiff and Swollen joints are some of the signs of Osteoarthritis. The major weight-bearing joints, such as the Knee, hip, and often Shoulders and spine do wear and tear over time. Persistent activity and work load on the joint, will likely cause the pain and stiffness of the area …

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Biologic therapies that do wonders

Ortho biologics can do wonders Non-Surgical Approach Biologic Therapies are non-surgical procedures that help support body vitality and functions, deviate pain and enhance beauty. These natural healing solutions include Osteoarthritis treatments, chronic pain, inflammation, and the rejuvenation of skin and hair through our Cosmetic PRP Program. Injected biologic substance used to repair and restructure the …

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How to Reverse Osteoarthritis

What is Osteoarthritis? Wear and tear Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition in which the cartilage that cushions the joint, begins to break down. The wear and tear of the spongy tissue can eventually cause pain, stiffness and swelling. Articular Cartilage degenerates The principal function of the articular cartilage and other forms of connective tissues provide a …

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