Non Surgical treatment

Avoid Surgery and Pain Meds Avoid Dependency Bonzai Regen Pain Relief offers unique regenerative and pain management services unlike general practitioner physician. Physicians at Bonzai Regen pain management program perform injections of PRP or steroid medications, procedural intervention, and help provide solutions to avoid pain medication dependency and even surgery.

Get a Doctor on your side in Workers compensation case

Workers Comp Case Qualified Medical examiner A qualified medical examiner is a neutral doctor who will meet you, evaluate you, review all of your records and ultimately make a determination if the patient has sustained industrial injuries for a Workers’ compensation case. The physician will determine any permanent injuries that may have been caused from …

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Top alternative treatments in the new decade

Treatment alternatives Modern medicine Modern medicine has provided alternatives to traditional treatments of medicine. Surgery, prescribed medications and physical therapy can be avoided with the help of regenerative medicine. Avoid back surgery Non-surgical treatments such as Regenerative medicine has provided solutions outside of traditional procedures such as surgery especially back surgery. Treatments such as injectable …

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Biologic therapies that do wonders

Ortho biologics can do wonders Non-Surgical Approach Biologic Therapies are non-surgical procedures that help support body vitality and functions, deviate pain and enhance beauty. These natural healing solutions include Osteoarthritis treatments, chronic pain, inflammation, and the rejuvenation of skin and hair through our Cosmetic PRP Program. Injected biologic substance used to repair and restructure the …

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How to Reverse Osteoarthritis

What is Osteoarthritis? Wear and tear Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition in which the cartilage that cushions the joint, begins to break down. The wear and tear of the spongy tissue can eventually cause pain, stiffness and swelling. Articular Cartilage degenerates The principal function of the articular cartilage and other forms of connective tissues provide a …

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Sports medicine doctors that make the difference

Physicians of Sports medicine Not only for Sports related Injuries Pain Physicians of sports medicine have been thought of as care of athletes and only athletes. Injuries have been on the rise, especially among young athletes in Football to Soccer to running. Sports medicine has evolved as the care of active individuals, weekend warriors, runners, …

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Pain Management Program

Interventional Pain Center A better quality of life starts with us. This level of pain can affect any person’s life with more than just the physical body. It can affect the mental, health, emotional health, family relationships and ability to work. Some personal progress of life functions include getting back to work, spend more time …

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