Non invasive

The first question we get asked for ankle or knee sprains for example is, Cold or Hot? Do we apply ice or Hot towel in the injured area? The answer is Ice it first because it decreases the inflammation. The non invasive pain relief technique decreases the blood flow to the area so swelling goes down and gives it a chance of early healing.

What you need to know about Occipital Nerve Blocks

Occipital Nerve Explained What is an Occipital nerve block? An Occipital nerve block is an injection of numbing medicine next to the Occipital nerves. They are located in either side of the scalp originating at the Neck. There is both a Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerve. Either one can produce pain. Neither has a motor …

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How to treat Shoulder joint pain

Treatment for Shoulder pain Common sports injury (shoulder) Sports related shoulder injuries covers areas from simple overuse injuries such as tendonitis all the way up to dislocations, rotated cuff tears and even degenerative arthritis. People active in overhead sports such as Tennis, baseball, and swimming have higher incidences of shoulder injury and pain. Activity modification …

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Inflammation doesn’t body good

Chronic Inflammation The word Inflammation derives from the latin “inflammare” which means to set on fire. Joint pain after a workout or redness and swelling after a sprain are considered types of Inflammation, more specifically called acute inflammation. Acute Inflammation Acute inflammation is specific to inflammation to one area of the body during an injury. …

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Top alternative treatments in the new decade

Treatment alternatives Modern medicine Modern medicine has provided alternatives to traditional treatments of medicine. Surgery, prescribed medications and physical therapy can be avoided with the help of regenerative medicine. Avoid back surgery Non-surgical treatments such as Regenerative medicine has provided solutions outside of traditional procedures such as surgery especially back surgery. Treatments such as injectable …

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Sports medicine doctors that make the difference

Physicians of Sports medicine Not only for Sports related Injuries Pain Physicians of sports medicine have been thought of as care of athletes and only athletes. Injuries have been on the rise, especially among young athletes in Football to Soccer to running. Sports medicine has evolved as the care of active individuals, weekend warriors, runners, …

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